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My name is Julia Kipp and I made my hobby my profession. On the internet I usually appear under the nick name “Sethaa” or now under the company name “Schneepardi Creations”. In 2006 I discovered the building of animal costumes (so-called fursuits) for myself and after my studies I decided to start my own business. My charaker is a grey cheetah and I have already brought her to life several times in different styles.

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Over the years I have constantly improved my skills and abilities and purchased new tools and equipment, e.g. 3D printers. My husband supports me with his knowledge of electrical engineering and much more. I feel most comfortable with the production of toony fursuits or kemono style, but I also have built realistic costumes several times.

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from EUR 2000,-

The price depends on the complexity of the design, the number of colours and the desired extras. The head is printed in 3D (PLA) and lined with foam inside. There is a zipper on the back of the head. The head can also be equipped with electronics (fan/LEDs). Three styles are available: Realistic, Toony or Kemono.

Partial Fursuit

from EUR 3000,-

A partial fursuit includes the head, hand paws, a tail and arm sleeves. Ideal for people who overheat quickly. The price varies according to the complexity of the character design and the desired extras.

Half Suit

from EUR 3500,-

A half suit consists of a head, hand paws, a tail, arm sleeves and a set of feet paws. The feet paws can be ordered either for indoors or outdoors. A second pair of paws can also be ordered.

3/4 Suit

Planti- or digitigrade

from EUR 4000,- / 4500,-

A 3/4 suit consists of a head, hand paws, arm sleeves, a tail, a set of feet paws and legs. The upper body is free to wear a t-shirt or sweater. Planti- and Digitigrade version available.


Plantigrade, w/o Padding

starts at 4500 EUR

A fullsuit consists of a head, hand paws, a tail, feet paws and a body. Plantigrade means without (leg / chest) padding. The zipper can be sewn into the back or front side.


Digitigrade with Padding

from EUR 5000,-

A fullsuit consists of a head, hand paws, a tail, feet paws and a body. Digitigrade means with padding (legs and / or chest). The zipper can be sewn into the back or front side.

Order Process

Order Process

This ist he way you can have your character made into a fursuit by Schneepardi Creations:

Order acceptance is 1-2 times a year. To find out when, please check on our social media channels.

!!! (IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALLERGICS: At the moment we own a hamster and we had a cat! Orders from allergy sufferers are at your own risk! Thank you very much)!!!

#1 Character Reference Sheet

We need a reference sheet that shows three views of your fursona.

The views on the reference sheet should show the character from the front, back and side. Furthermore, all views must be made without shading. Please do NOT send us NSFW (18+) images.

Ref sheet (c) Cianiati

#2 Request Form

In the request form you choose the characteristics, how you imagine your fursuit.

You will then receive a cost estimate from us and information if we can build your design at all. If the estimate is ok for you, you will end up in a “pool” from which we will then select a certain number of orders. It’s NOT “first come, first served

#3 Details & Purchase Contract

Together we determine which faux furs and colors are used and how markings / details are implemented.

The production period is also roughly defined. These details are then documented in a purchase contract signed by both parties (scanned and sent by e-mail). The purchase contract is therefore binding.

#4 Payment

Min. 30% of the price must be paid within 7 days. If the order is cancelled, this 30% will not be refunded. The rest of the amount must be paid as soon as we start working on your fursuit. It is also possible to pay the full purchase price directly.

Payment can be made via Paypal (abroad) and bank transfer (within EU / surrounding countries).

#5 Duct Tape Dummy / Measurements

A DTD (Duct Tape Dummy) is needed when ordering a 3/4-Suit or a fullsuit (planti- and digitigrade). Instructions on how to make it can be found in the DTD section of the website.

For a head we need your head measurements (circumference). If you order a partial we will also need the measurements of your shoulders and arms. See pictures in the DTD section of the website.

#6 Production

When everything is ready and it’s your slot’s turn (see Trello list), the production of your fursuit begins.

Progress photos will be posted on our social media channels (first in the Telegram channel). If we have any specific questions, we will contact you directly.

Please be patient, we will get back to you as soon as your fursuit is finished!

#7 Shipping

As soon as your fursuit is finished, it will be carefully packed for shipment. Each package is shipped with transport insurance (purchase price) including a tracking number.

Please keep in mind that packages abroad (we are located Germany) can take longer (2 – 4 weeks) and may be you have to pay import and customs duties. The shipment will be carried out by DHL.

#8 Arrival

Your fursuit has arrived and you want to try it on right away! Please read the information (e.g. about electronics) beforehand carefully. If you experience any difficulties while suiting up or wearing it for the first time, please contact us immediately!

And now: Have fun while fursuiting! 🙂

Duct Tape Dummy / Measurement

General  Measurement Hand + Example 5 Finger Hand Paws

For the hand paws, draw the outline of your writing hand on a DIN A3 sheet of paper (or on two A4 sheets glued together). Spread your fingers as far as you can and turn your hand straight to your arm, please see picture.

You draw along the arm up to the elbow or until the paper ends. Hold the pen vertically and do not draw diagonally under your fingers / arm.

Example 4 Finger Hand Paws (Toony/Puffy)

For toony or puffy paws with 4 fingers, combine the middle and ring fingers, spread the rest of the fingers as far as you can (please be sure to spread it wide, this is very important!) and draw the outline. Also draw up to your elbow.

Example 3 Finger Hand Paws (Hooves)

For hand paws with only 3 fingers you draw the outline as follows, see the picture. Please hold the two fingers close together and spread your thumb. Spread your thumbs and finger pairs as far as possible. Also draw up to your elbow.

Measurement Arm Sleeves

For the arm sleeves we need the following measurements, please see the picture.

#1 Distance from shoulder to shoulder
#2 Distance shoulder to wrist (outside arm)
#3 Distance armpit to wrist (inside arm)
#4 Circumference elbows
#5 Circumference upper arm

Measurement Head

For a fursuit head, we need the circumference of your head. Measured in front over forehead, pleace check the picture. We may need the measurement of the circumference around the mandible. If this is the case, we will contact you.

Care Guide

You can download the complete care guide here: Care guide english!

1. Turn inside out

First the zipper is closed, then the fursuit is turned inside out so that the fur is on the inside.

2. Laundry bag

Then the bodysuit is put into a laundry bag and this is closed. If no laundry bag is available, a pillowcase will do, preferably with a zipper.

3. Washing machine

Settings: 30min short program, 30 degrees, lowest spin speed. Detergent and fabric softener are ok.

If there is more dirt, you can use the normal, longer washing program, same settings as mentioned.

4.) Turn back to the right side

After the washing cycle, hang the fursuit up to dry, preferably on a hook. On a laundry rack / clothes horse, waves can appear in the fur.

5. Brushing!

To prevent the fur from drying shaggy or wavy, make sure to brush the bodysuit directly after hanging it up! The close-ups of the coat show the difference.

6. Let it dry

Then simply let the bodysuit dry. This can take 1-2 days depending on the environment. In folds the fur can dry less well. A fan can be used for support, e.g. a hangair or a do-it-yourself-construction

In this way the tail, hand paws and sock paws can also be washed. These can be put into the bodysuit for further safety.


How did you become aware of the fandom?2021-02-10T11:53:53+01:00

When I visited the Connichi (an anime convention) in Kassel for the first time in 2006, I noticed people in animal costumes. After the convention I read up on it online and discovered the furry fandom and fursuit building for myself.

Do you have time to chat?2021-02-10T09:04:55+01:00

Again and again I get asked this question. Due to my limited time and the many requests, I unfortunately do not have time for this. Please ask your questions and I will answer as soon as I have time. Please do not just write a “Hey” or “Hello” and wait for a reaction. Please ask your question directly after the greeting, so that I can answer it as soon as possible. Thank you!

When will you start taking new commissions again?2023-06-23T08:33:21+02:00

New commissions are accepted about 1-2x a year. Beginning and middle of the respective year. Generally, new orders are accepted when I have reached the last order of the current queue. You can follow this on my Trelloboard. Of course, I also make announcements on my social media channels, when it will be time. I am looking forward to your applications!

Do you offer Artistic Liberty (Artistic Freedom) commissions?2021-02-09T18:32:53+01:00

Yes, I offer this type of fursuit commission. However, this type of commission is not cheaper than a normal commission, because I create the design and draw a reference sheet. This costs time. After the drawing off the reference sheet, the price is calculated. I like to design characters according to favorite colors or themes, feel free to ask me!

Where can I find your prices and how much did it cost in my currency?2021-02-10T11:59:02+01:00

You can find my starting prices on my homepage: Prices! For the currency conversion I can recommend Google. Enter the following text in the search bar e.g. “350 Euro in USD”. You need to adjust the amount and the currency into which should be converted. Also Paypal offers a currency converter.

Can you give a quote even though you’re closed for commissions right now?2021-02-09T18:35:06+01:00

Unfortunately, no. In order to give a quote, I need a lot of information, which I ask for via a form. The preparation takes time and should therefore only be done if the customer is really interested in buying. Thank you for your understanding!

What quality or features can you expect from Schneepardi Fursuits?2023-06-23T08:34:15+02:00

To minimize possibly unfulfilled expectations, I describe which features you can expect and which not!

Head: My fursuit heads are not lined inside. Since I work with 3D printing it is very easy to wipe out the head with a damp washcloth after suiting. This advantage would no longer exist, if the head was completely lined with fabric inside. Sweat gets stuck in the fabric and you can’t just wipe it off or wash it out. Therefore, my heads are not lined. A balaclava should definitely be worn underneath, as your own head will touch the foam for padding.
The head fur is 90% mashine sewn. Small, detailed markings will be sewn by hand. The ears are glued to the fursuit head separately. There is a glue seam between the ears and the restof the fur, which you may be able to feel, but is never visible. In the back of the head, a zipper (usually YKK or other brand, no no-name!) is neatly sewn in with bias tape. This ensures a good fit of the head. A fan and or LED electronics can be installed.

Body and Padding:
The body is also not lined. The less fabric is between you and the environment, the better. Otherwise you sweat even more. I recommend wearing functional clothing under the body. At the neck, the bodysuit gets a nice bias tape finish so that the fur doesn’t fray. The zipper (mostly YKK or other brand, no no-name!) is sewn in with bias tape, that also no open fur edges remain. The padding is sewn from cotton fabric and filled with siliconized fiber balls. The individual paddings are not sewn into the body, but remain separate, so the body and the padding can be washed individually in the washing machine. Otherwise, the body + padding might be too large for standard washing machines. For the calf padding there is a small pocket that it can not slip out. The thigh padding holds between your thigh and the back of the fur. The body has a hole through which the tail including belt is pushed through. A ring of matching fur is sewn around the hole, creating an invisible transition between the body and tail.

Each tail has a loop of belt webbing through which quite simply a belt can be pushed to wear the tail comfortably. For smaller tails e.g. rabbit, deer or corgi, it can be sewn to the body. For all other sizes this is not possible, otherwise body + tail might be too big for the washing machine.

Hand paws: My hand paws are also not lined, so you will sweat less. It’s possible to wear thin gloves underneath. The opening of the hand paws is finished with bias tape so that the fur does not fray. Claws are made of resin. Paw pads can be made of silicone or minky fabric.

Feet paws:
Feet paws are made on the basis of a shoe. The shoe is pasted with foam to create the paw shape. Then this construction is glued with fur. Inside the foam is visible, that mean no lining! From the outside you see nothing of it. The bottom for outdoor feet paws is made of non-slip shoe sole. With camping or puzzle mats I have only made bad experience, because you quickly slip in the rain. Claws are sewn from Minky, because resin claws break quickly and get lost. The opening of the feet paw fur is also finished with bias tape, so the fur does not fray.

Seams: Sewing is done with a full metal industrial sewing machine. To sew the fake fur a straight stitch is used, which is locked at the beginning and end. Very stressed areas such as under the armpits, crotch or the base of the tail are sewn with a zigzag stitch double or even triple.

If you are interested in a certain feature, please contact me. Many things are possible for an extra charge!

What materials do you usually work with?2021-02-10T12:36:02+01:00

My material list is very diverse, so here is just a brief overview of what I use to build a fursuit:
Faux fur (different types), hot glue, foam, rubber foam, stramin, silicone, resin, minky, 3D printed parts, bias tape, YKK zippers or equivalent, shoe sole, cotton fabric, siliconized fiber balls (filling meterial), belt webbing, elastic rubber band, camping mat and much more.

Where do you buy the faux fur you use to make fursuits?2022-03-29T13:24:43+02:00

I buy faux fur from a variety of sources. Here are a few online stores that I can recommend. Of course, not all faux fur offered is high quality, so I recommend you buy a sample pack before you buy!!!
I can recommend the following stores: BigZFabric, Howlfabric, Mendels, MohairBearMakingSupplies, CR’sCrafts, Efutro

The Luxury Shag faux furs from BigZFabric are distributed on the German market by our partner Stoffhummel:

What bust head do you use to build your fursuit heads?2021-02-09T18:45:53+01:00

I use the Ed Head 2.0 Deluxe from Kaupo.

What kind of clippers do you use? Do you have any tips for shaving a fursuit head?2021-02-10T12:36:12+01:00

An Andis Brushless clipper without a guard. You can find tutorials on how to shave a fursuit head on my Youtube channel. Don’t be disappointed if it’s not shaved perfectly the first time. It takes some practice.

What program do you use to create your 3D printing files?2021-02-09T18:47:20+01:00

I use Blender. There are many tutorials about it on Youtube.

Do you sell your 3D printing files?2021-02-10T08:57:41+01:00

No, I am sorry. Since I do this full time and have to make a living from it, it is very important for me that my files are not available on the internet for everyone. By buying a mask in my etsy store you support my small business. Thank you for your understanding!

What would be your advice for someone building their first fursuit?2021-02-09T18:48:11+01:00

I would advise to use high quality faux fur, even if it’s the first fursuit and you still have to learn. Cheap faux fur is hard to work with and frustration is inevitable. Yes, good faux fur may be expensive and even if it does not work out perfectly the first time, I recommend investing the money. Furthermore, I would recommend not to build your fursona for the first fursuit. When building your first fursuit, there is still a lot to learn and try out and this knowledge can then flow into the second fursuit, which will probably be your fursona.

Can I buy goods from your etsy store on installments?2021-02-09T18:48:33+01:00

Unfortunately, no. Etsy does not offer this feature.

Do you provide tutorial videos?2021-02-09T18:50:00+01:00

Yes, I upload different tutorial videos to my YouTube channel SchneepardiCreations every now and then!


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