Head starts at 1000 EUR

The price depends on the complexity of the design, the number of colors and the desired extras. The head is 3D-printed (PLA) and lined with foam inside, so it is comfortable to wear. The shape of the head can be simply adjusted in a 3D program according to customer requirements.

In the toony and kemono style, the wearer looks straight through the eyes, while in the realistic heads the person looks through the tear duct. There is a zipper on the back of the head.

Upon request, electronics can also be installed in the head, e.g. a fan that supplies the wearer with fresh air or LEDs that let the eyes light up. Kemono heads are sold only with fan electronics!

Different styles for the heads / fursuits can be found here:




Partial  starts at 1800 EUR

A partial includes the head, hand paws, tail and arm sleeves. Well suited for people who overheat quickly. The price also varies depending on the complexity of the character design and the desired extras.

Furthermore to a partial you can easily dress up own clothes, like a hoody or a medieval robe. The arm sleeves are connected with a rubber band so they can’t slide down. The tail can be worn around the waist with a belt.

Halfsuits starts at 2150 EUR

A halfsuit consists of a head, hand paws, a tail, arm sleeves and a set of feet paws (shoe base). The feet paws can be ordered either as indoor or outdoor. On request a second pair of feet paws can be ordered.

Also leg sleeves (not digitigrade) can be ordered (price starts at 200 EUR, depending on complexity).

Fullsuit (Plantigrade, w/o padding) starts at 3000 EUR

A fullsuit, a complete (full body) fursuit, consists of a head, hand paws, a tail, feet paws and a body. A plantigrade fursuit is not equipped with leg or chest padding, the legs are straight down.

The zipper for the body can be sewn on the front or back side. The tail is passed through a hole in the bodysuit and can be worn with a belt around the hips.

Fullsuit (Digitigrade) starts at 3500 EUR

A fullsuit, a complete (full body) fursuit, consists of a head, hand paws, a tail, feet paws and a body. A digitigrade bodysuit has padded legs to give the impression that the wearer is walking on his toes. For this purpose, a thigh and a calf padding is created, maybe also a chest padding.

The feet paws are made accordingly, creating a suitable transition. On customers request, the zipper can be sewed into the body at the front or back side.

A few detailed pictures of fursuit parts (paws and more.):

Normal feet paws outdoor

Normal feet paws indoor

Kemono feet paws outdoor

Kemono feet paws indoor

Puffy hand paws (4 finger)

Normal hand paws (5 finger)

Tiger tail

Wolf tail